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    Wedding SpecialistsIt is difficult to understand how much work and effort goes into arranging the perfect wedding, even if you have done it yourself in the past, every wedding presents its own particular challenges.

    This is where we step in, I like to take that worried look off of any brides face, and see that confident calm smile shine, as she realizes that her special day is in the hands of experts.


    People often see ethnically mixed unions as a particularly difficult task, we see it as the opportunity to embrace different cultures and bring people together. “Love is blind” is a common saying, and very true however you may find that your guest aren’t neither blind nor deaf. This is where a extreme sensibilities come into play, our musicians are well trained and briefed to be able to keep all your guests satisfied, whether it’s a Portuguese/Afrikaans wedding a Greek/Lebanese or a Zulu/Xhosa wedding, our experienced artist are able to keep everybody young and old feeling included and jiving on the dance floor.


    Now even though our specialty is mainly in the entertainment and music aspect of your wedding, we have arranged such a wide variety of unions that over the years we have built up an impressive list of experts to assist you in any aspect of your wedding. Whether its Kosher food or a unique blend of African and European fusion cuisine that you desire, not a problem. Décor, photography, videography, staging flower arranging, we have the tried and tested professionals right here at your disposal.

    Lets raise a glass to the stress free wedding of the year!