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    GSE Team BuildingMany of our corporate structures today are based on concepts that were realized in ancient times by some of the greatest generals leaders and strategic minds in human History.

    Believe it or not these leaders were probably the first people to develop and utilize the power of team building, knowing your peoples strengths and weaknesses and applying these models to maximum effect. Look at Leonidas of Sparta and the 300, look at Sun Tsu who conquered the middle east, look at Napoleon and Alexander the great, they all knew what team building meant.


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    Now in modern times things are not necessarily quite as final, the basic principals do however apply and are just as, if not more important than warfare.

    What will happen to your company if the competition beats you? How does it feel being victorious over your competitors and opening new territories in Business? Wouldn’t you like to have a happy and successful staff that revere you and your leadership?

    Work today is organized around team and groups, we can not achieve high performance as just individuals, a team exists for the sole purpose of completing an assigned task. A effective team is characterized by a kind of synergy that results from combining the range of experience and the expertise that each individual brings to the team. Team members must first agree to a goal to be achieved and be willing to learn to work together. An effective team leader needs to know the level of commitment, motivation, technical ability, performance consistency, personal issues as well as motivators, positive reinforcements and stress relievers for team members in order to manage the team well. Within a Self directed work team structure, members must be committed, mutually accountable, expected to share in leadership roles, and participate in a collaborative manner.

    Team building is the process that develops cooperation and teamwork within a unit. To constitute an effective team, its members must share a common goal, have respect for each other, and be motivated to use the strengths of each member to achieve their objectives. Current corporate philosophy stresses that each member of a team plays an integral part in the success of the company. With understaffing, burnout, outsourcing, and other morale defeating activities on the rise, many corporations realize they must nurture communication within the organization. In addition, many businesses form teams, for varying purposes. Therefore individuals can be members of several teams. For a effective team, time should be established for getting acquainted and the exchange of ideas. From the employees point of view, being part of a team usually provides a sense of loyalty and ownership. Through activities know as team building exercises, individuals can practice brainstormingcollaboration, creativity, trust, and feedback. Most team building activities focus on areas such as problem solving, organizational development, and conflict resolution. Participants can also develop leadership, interpersonal, presentation, and negotiation skills.

    Now, this may all seem quite intense, but here in George Sax Entertainment we like to use entertainment and positive reinforcement as our most powerful tools in Team Building.

    Our goal is to learn about our work mates and learn to work together as a team, we have various and exciting ways of doing this, which will grow and inspire you and your colleagues.

    Many activities, both inside and outside of the workplace, fall under the broad category of team building exercises. Common team building activities include ropes courses, culinary school, or a field day of team games and exercises. Team building events also include company celebrations around the holidays. Whether it’s a Halloween costume contest or a St Patrick day feast or simply a networking cocktail event, companies can start, or continue traditions that employees look forward to and become involved in.


    Other team building activities can include sporting events, river rafting , team cooking , self defense courses, motivational speakers, fire walking, interactive drumming, sound Journeys, golf days to name but a few. We have some interesting and inspiring team building activities available many of them incorporating several elements of team building to build up and inspire your team.