Party Planning

party planningParty Planning sounds like fun, and it is, however with out the proper team behind you what should be an enjoyable event can become quite a headache.

Usually one of two things happens:
1) A client calls me the next day and thanks me and my team for an unforgettable night
2) A client will call at the last minute desperate for help getting the event together.

They always wonder why they didn’t just call us in the first place, our rates are client friendly, and my team are experienced, professional and relaxed people.

My clients often find that aside from a successful event, the peace of mind alone is well worth the fee.
The list of things to do and arrange is long and for the inexperienced often surprising.
We enjoy arranging parties, it gives us great pleasure to provide turnkey party solutions, we have had the pleasure of assisting our clients from intimate dinners to plush award ceremonies and everything in between.

Give us a call and let us put the “Pleasure” back into “Party”.

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