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    If music be the food of life then Play on! You may not be able to eat music, but I assure you that Music is as important, if not more important than the meals you will serve your guests.

    I often find myself quite surprised when for some of my clients music seems to be almost a second thought, something that they have only considered as on optional extra and in all fairness something “not that important”.

    In fact I find it quite shocking when someone overlooks what probably is the most essential element to any successful event. Granted, that it is a combination of various wonderful elements that contribute to make the ultimate night.
    I assure you however that without the right music it doesn’t matter how tasty your filet is or how freely the wine flows, music is what gives it all flavor.

    You may ask yourself, “how can I say that?”, or possibly think that I’m sounding bourgeois, or potentially biased. However I am speaking through experience , experience gain through personally performing live for over 4000 shows, for close to a million souls and in 12 different countries since 1999.

    I have witnessed the power of music first hand. Now it doesn’t necessarily mean people dancing, clapping or jumping up and down, although that is often the case. Its often something much more subtle and often sub-conscious. We often find ourselves in a room full of people who are stressed, don’t want to be there, or even downright aggressive. Yet I find using the right music and building up the music in a gentle almost unconscious way can change the mood in that room, eventually when people leave they have smiles on their faces, they’re feeling great and they don’t even know why, most of them haven’t even glanced at the band or DJ, yet they find themselves feeling great!

    And that in a nut shell, is the power of music!

    Now I must just add that as much as music can enhance and transport your guests to a better place in mind, it can also do the exact opposite. Have you ever found yourself in a great environment, however you just don’t feel comfortable? This could easily be attributed to the music, the wrong music, or even the wrong key can make you and your guests feel uncomfortable and even in the worst case scenario promote a bad mood!

    That is why we like to use highly experienced artists. Not just with their instruments but also experts at reading a room, experts at feeling out an audience experts helping them reach that special state of mind. Playing the right songs at the right tempo and at the right time is essential.

    We like to custom our bands or DJs for specific events, through meticulous planning and a detailed briefing we make sure that they have the right tools in their collective toolbox/repertoire to guarantee a successful event.

    That’s why the personal touch is so important to GSE meeting with the people we will be performing for is so important even if just to get a feel for what they are like and what they like. This is just one of the subtle touches that make George Sax Entertainment a cut above the rest.

    George Sax