Los Gitanos

Los Gitanos

Mariachis – Latin |Kaapse Goemma |  Cuban Band


Los Gitanos, otherwise meaning Gypsy is Cape Town’s top Latin band. The band is is headed by Cape Town guitar maestro Bienyameen, and the band has shared the stage with international groups, to name a few: Shakatak, Kaoma and the Lambada Band from Paris. The band has an extremely wide repertoire which makes their genre hard to categorise; one can say it includes Mexican, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Jewish and South American up to “Kaapse Goemma” music!Los Gitanos / Mariachis Their program can adapt to suit the needs of the clients / audience, and can do anything from a program of cover songs and golden oldies, to Spanish flamenco shows, etc.


Los Gitanos / Mariachis The band requires no amplification for most functions and the musicians can play and roam freely, as they not restricted to any particular area.


The Gitanos play happy lively foot-tapping music. Los Gitanos / Mariachis The Gitanos are also very sensitive to the audience and can play soft romantic music for conservative guests, and instantaneously create a party atmosphere for the party lovers.