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    It’s no secret that music can make the difference between an event that is raved about for weeks and a total disaster. DJing is often a musical option that is quite popular with people and often works out better than booking an entire band!

    Not only is booking a DJ the more modern contemporary option, it often is the most economically viable option. Not only that, a DJ that is a professional in his sphere will be able to play a HUGE variety of music from lounge to a crazy party set.

    If you are looking for consummate professionals and artists with proven track records, you have come to the right place.

    DJ vs Live groups.

    I often find that this is the ideal solution to many events, and my clients come back raving for more.
    In a nutshell it crosses over from the DJing aspect into the live instrumentation and back into DJing, essentially creating a Hybrid DJ band. George Sax is the progenitor of this concept he and his partner being the first to introduce this concept to audiences across South Africa. And today Georges group House Society is well received locally and internationally.

    Now although it may seem like a simple concept one must bear in mind that as effective as it can be, it can also be the exact opposite, musicians and DJs need to have an integral understanding if the art mixing and an intimate knowledge od Dance floor dynamics.

    All the live artists we work with are experts at this genre, and house music specialist. Our clients a guaranteed a phenomenal musical performance every time.