Crawford Matrics Pre-party mix 1



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Crawford Matrics 2016 here is the first part of a chill out mix from your pre party, feel free share and enjoy, much love and good luck for the future!

We where DJ ing these tunes for you as you where all arriving, looking great! We felt really happy to be there for you! The garden also looked amazing.

The saxophone and drums didn’t come out in the mix, you will have to come and see me live for that! Here is a link to my new music video:

And here is a link to my Band page:

I usually start the mixes real slow and gradually build them up……take you on a journey.

Crawford is a tough name to live up to, and I’m sure that being a matric and just finishing school is a time of great excitement, and also of a time of pressure, Im sure your parents are asking you “so what are you going to do with your life?”, it cant be easy!

That is why we are making great music to help and inspire you to reach those awesome heights, I know you can do it Crawford, Music is the food of life so play on play on player!

I guess the toughest part is being “forced” to decide what you want to do for “the rest of your life”……Id say do something you really enjoy, or if you haven’t discovered what that is yet, take a year off to travel, discover the world, discover your self, if worst comes to worst study something that interests you, the knowledge you gain will help you discover who you really are, and what you really want.