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George Sax corporate entertainmentCorporate entertainment is probably one of the most difficult forms of entertainment in the industry.

There is no room for error, and even though in most cases it’s a question of celebrating, The big boss is inevitably watching.

Here at GSE we are aware of the delicate and often subtle nuances of the corporate world. That is why our corporate entertainers are of the highest caliber, not only with their chosen art forms but also on their mannerisms and behavior. Our consummate professionals pride the selves on being just that, professional.


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    We believe that there is a delicate balance to be maintained, a yin and yang relationship between corporate civility and discipline coupled with creative flair and innovation. This balance is crucial to any corporate event or function, it will make the difference between a dry and boring event to showing the world that your company is cutting edge in every sphere.

    We have corporate clients that utilize our services year in and year out, and each time they come to me and say:

    “George we are looking for something different, something unique, something that says to our competitors and our directors, look how we are moving to the top!”

    Well I’m pleased to say that they always come back raving for more, for me its just a question of creative thinking, sensitivity and innovation of style.

    I’m fortunate enough to be able to be an international artist so my team and I get exposed to the latest in fashion and trending styles. I like to incorporate what I see and learn into my events, it gives me great pleasure to “wow” the corporate world with it all carefully presented and packaged.

    Often the demographics are quite complicated, foreign dignitaries or staff and guests from diverse cultural backgrounds.

    Luckily music and dance are THE international languages spoken by all. Our stable is full of endless combinations of performances and music that will satisfy even the biggest mixing pot of corporate high rollers.


    We are often called upon to do themed nights, African, Jazz, Carnival, Latin ,Gatsby or Flashback to name but a few.

    Our clients also ask for other options besides music, particularly for after dinner entertainment, well once again this is one of our specialties.

    We have a wide range of acts to satisfy any budget and any taste, best of all we can customize each performance specifically for your event.

    We have a wide selection of expert dancers, Las Vegas style illusionists, speakers that inspire and inform, comedians that breathe laughter and MCs that will make your guests feel right at home. Try us, or ask one of our many satisfied corporate clients and friends.

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