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    Catering may seem simple and straight forward…..provide great meals for your guest. However you would probably be surprised when you realize how many aspects work hand in hand to stop that stomach from grumbling.

    That is why more and more people are turning to the services of professional caters. It takes a lot of preparation and planning to run a successful event or party,with the help of a professional catering service, you can relax, enjoy the event and spend time with your guests.

    One must also take certain important factors into consideration: Namely diversity in clientele and cultural specialties. It is essential to understand who your guest are, and what they enjoy, are any of them vegan or vegetarian, are any of our guest Kosher or religious? It also helps know where they are from, are they Serbian, Indian or African? It always goes a long way when you include some dishes in your menu that are Guaranteed to satisfy your international and ethnically varied Guests.

    Another aspect which many caterers and clients fail to capitalize on is local delicacies which are guaranteed to keep your guest stimulated and talking about your event for months to come!

    Factors one needs to take into consideration include:







    We need to take all these aspects into consideration in order to create the perfect catering event .


    We eat with our eyes and nose before tasting food. Whether its served plated or buffet, a catered meal should visually colourful and fragrant. Therefor, the presentation of food should make your guests want to eat it. This means linens and decorations that complement the theme of the meal. If it does not look good and smell good , your guests will not be happy.

    Caterers generally provide food but are increasingly providing a wider array of event planning services, such as decoration, equipment hire , tableware, linen, tables and chairs, staffing and event coordination. A caterer will work with you to develop an innovative menu to match your event or celebrations theme, your food theme, your food tastes, and importantly your budget.

    Caterers also have to have a good customer service skills and should be able to interact with your clients. Whether you are just serving cake , champagne , or a five star dinner, food will play an important part , but food does not stand alone, the service must be excellent as well.

    Polite professional waitrons are essential to the success of any event, aside from the obvious, “I ordered my steak Medium Rare, not burnt”, to the more subtle, the service provided will un-consciously reflect on you and your company.

    Here at GSE we have arranged and coordinated a mind blowing variety of events and functions of all descriptions.

    Through the experience we have gathered we have also built up an impressive list of expert caterers and planners. We tried and tested all our sister companies and are therefore able to assign the right people to the right clients satisfying your personal needs and the needs of your guests.

    Caterers also need other skills to succeed, such as being artistic. That is where George Sax Entertainment excels! We have created some exciting and unique ideas in concept catering that take exclusive dinning to the next level..